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HIFU face lifting ultra body shaping beauty equipment

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HIFU face lifting ultra body shaping beauty equipment

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) directly delivers heat energy to skin and subcutaneous tissue that can stimulate and renew the skin's collagen and thus consequently improving the texture and reducing sagging of the skin. It literally achieves the results of a facelift or a body lifts without any invasive surgery or injections, moreover, an added bonus of this procedure is that there is no downtime. This technique can be applied to the face as well as the whole body, and also, it works equally well for people of all skin colors, in contrast to that of lasers and the intense pulse lights.

theory 1


1. Remove wrinkle on forehead, eyes, mouth, neck, etc
2. Lift and tighten skin on cheeks, forehead, and eyebrows lines
3. Improve skin elasticity and complexion, making the skin delicate and bright
4. Body shaping contour and fat removal


1.More than 10000 shots per cartridge, according to quality inspection and clinical tests, ensuring that each shot effects into the right depth set by default.
2. It will produce thermal effect to the dermal collagen fibers and stimulate the fat layer and SMAS.
3.Equipped 5 heads (1.5mm,3.0mm,4.5mm,8.0mm,13.0mm),precisely acting on different depths of the skin. 1.5mm, 3.0mm, 4.5mm can be used for face; 8.0mm,13.0mm can be used for body.
4. Fast operation. It only takes 40-50 minutes to do full face and neck treatment.
5. The skin will be lifted and tightened at once, amazing effect after only one treatment, last for 12-24 months.
6. There is no downtime after treatment. 

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Type HIFU (high intensity focused ultrasound)
Frequency 10MHz/7MHz/4MHz
Power 0.1-3.0J/cm2
Length 5.0-25mm
Interval Distance 0.1-5mm
Focus Diameter ≤3mm
Cartridges DS10-1.5mm, DS7-3.0mm, DS4-4.5mm,
DS4-8.0mm, DS4-13.0mm
Lifespan of Cartridge 8000 shots
Heat Temperature 40-60 degree
Screen 15 inch color touch screen


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