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Picosecond Laser beam raises the bar

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Picosecond Laser beam raises the bar

Offering three laser beam wavelengths (1064 nm, 532 nm, 694 nm), 4 pulse modalities (picosecond, Q-switched, Optipulse, photothermal,) and 1.8 GW of peak power, the Discovery Pico laser from Quanta System (Milan, Italy), effectively treats tattoos and facial pigmentation. In addition, it now provides a fractionated handpiece which allows for efficacious and secure treatment of skin texture, acne and medical scarring. And, the initial amount of flexibility and tissue-sparing features enable effective and effective tattoo removal and high-quality facial skin remedies.


With tattoo ink being placed deeper and more densely in the cells, and a wider variance of colors, tattoo removal is now more technical. Treatment must consist of either multiple devices or one system which has the energy and variability to treat all colours. In a single-laser program, multiple wavelengths in various pulse modes can transform the procedure as the removal procedure progresses.


“With the Discovery Pico, I can easily treat a tattoo with multiple colors,” said Thomas Griffin, MD, a dermatologist and head of the laser beam and cosmetic department at Dermatology Associates of Plymouth Meeting (Plymouth Meeting, Pa.). “With the force of a button on the screen, I could toggle between 532 nm to take care of red, yellow and orange, 694 nm to treat blues and purples and 1064 nm to take care of blacks.”


The laser also permits a stepped remedy approach for high-density tattoos. “The idea is to breakdown ink into little enough particles for the body’s disease fighting capability to crystal clear. The Q-switched modality includes a longer pulse width, which includes the effect of wearing down huge ink globs into medium-sized pebbles,” Dr. Griffin explained.


“After a session or two, I switch from the Q-switched modality to the picosecond modality. I take advantage of much shorter pulses (450/370 ps) of photoacoustic waves to pound the pebbles into sand. Counting on this approach, I can safely and effectively deal with dense tattoos in fewer sessions - using the same gadget.”


One outstanding creativity of the Discovery Pico series may be the degree of peak power delivered through ultrashort pulses. This improved power permits higher fluence at bigger spot sizes, allowing treatment of deep ink particles.


Beyond tattoos


The picosecond laser may also effectively treat fine lines, wrinkles and scarring conditions. “Treatment of lines and wrinkles can be well tolerated,” stated Dr. Griffin. “Fractionated energy decreases downtime and enhances basic safety. I’m just treating deeper parts of the skin, compared the entirety of the skin and tissue.”


High energy, distinctive spots


Along with the 1.8 GW of power, the Discovery Pico Series provides an Nd:YAG double-wave- length laser beam source that may discharge up to 800 mJ of energy in picosecond mode. Furthermore, the Quanta Optibeam II handpiece treats with an array of flat-top square, circular and fractional spots, producing Discovery Pico a robust and flexible laser.


“The photomechanical effect causes harm deeper in your skin and will not generate heat,” Dr. Griffin observed. “Few patients encounter lots of hours of downtime. The exception will be when I increase power to treat acne scarring or related pores and skin disruptions.”


Patients also face small threat of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. “I could aggressively treat darker epidermis more safely,” Dr. Griffin described. “For ablative or non-ablative lasers, I must decrease the energy and density and offer more treatments, increasing appointments, costs and usage of consumables; but this is simply not required with the picosecond.”


“Picosecond has emerged as my foundational treatment for tattoos, acne scars and melasma,” Dr. Griffin concluded.

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