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Why I chose CO2 laser for non-ablative feminine therapy

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Why I chose CO2 laser for non-ablative feminine therapy

I have been a plank certified OB/GYN for 30 years. About 12 years back, I started transitioning towards getting an aesthetic practice, and going back five years, I’ve acquired cash-only treatment centers in two different places.


As a gynecologist, I was very thinking about bringing vaginal rejuvenation into my practice, as I knew at least 50% of post-menopausal women have problems with pelvic rest and stress bladder control problems (SUI). Almost all these women’s symptoms aren't serious enough for medical correction, yet it inhibits their lifestyle functions and, frequently, their sexual intimacy.


This is an enormous, untapped patient base. In addition, since traditional medication has offered hardly any apart from Kegel exercises to the group, many patients are available to looking to other resources for relief of their symptoms, and as a result, aesthetic providers have already been able to part of and fill up this void.


My criteria for every device buys are: they need to be effective and in addition efficient, with minimal amount of patient soreness and down-time. In searching for a vaginal rejuvenation system that could meet these requirements and work best in an aesthetic clinic, I understood I did so not want to execute ablative procedures.


I was uncomfortable with the next wounds they created, the recovery period with discharge, the prospect of infection (for both patient and myself as the provider because of the smoke plume), and the required follow-up exams - non-e which fits well within an aesthetic setting.


Radiofrequency (RF) and laser-based technologies will be the two general modalities for vaginal rejuvenation. Both utilize heat to cause a rise in tissue temperature resulting in the desired tissue remodeling. Histologic research have been done displaying that the wanted effect can be acquired with either modality, the primary difference being in the quantity of temperature and the amount of time it can be put on tissue (Graph 1).


When working with RF, a a lot longer time must achieve the required tissue temperatures pitched against a laser, which in turn causes almost instantaneous heating system. The RF systems, while non- ablative, are frustrating and messy; and I am not really confident in the uniformity of the vaginal tissue temperature.


Looking in CO2 laser-based systems, I came across the only non-ablative gadget to be the MiXto V-Lase® from Lasering United states (San Ramon, Calif.). The CO2 laser may be the gold regular for cells rejuvenation and remodeling, therefore i was happy to find that their patented cut CW technology shipped the required thermal impact, without ablating tissue.


This made the V-Lase system by far the very best fit for me. It really is affordable, requires around 15 to 20 a few minutes to do, is quite safe, provides uni- type treatment of the vaginal canal, can deal with the external labia and can be coupled with other treatments, like the O-shot.


As a gynecologist, I have already been extremely impressed with the outcomes. I've had almost 100% patient improvement and satisfaction. Most cases of SUI possess resolved after an individual treatment. Furthermore, I obtain the added benefit of a CO2 fractional laser beam for facial remedies, which gives an additional blast of income.

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