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ultrasonic cavitation vacuum slimming beauty equipment

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It uses Ultrasound Cavitation effect to cause lots of air bubbles around lipocyte membranes to break up. The broken lipocyte will be absorbed and metabolized out of human body via lymphatic system. And vacuum will focus Cavitation energy, promote metabolism. It has a perfect treatment result for weight loss.

                                               theory 1

1. Fat reduction, loss weight
2. Body slimming and shaping, skin tightening
3. To promote and accelerate the body’s metabolism

1. Cavitation with vacuum for slimming and body shaping perfectly, vacuum helps Cavitation energy reaches the deeper fat layer and accelerates the deeper treatment effect.
2. Sharp result, it will reduce 2-6cm after one treatment.
3. No pain, no side-effects, no rebound! Apparent long lasting result.

B&A 1

Frequency 28KHz/40KHz
Power 300W
Energy 1-60J
Pulse Width 1000~5000ms
Screen 5.7~10.4 inch color touch screen


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