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Non-Channel VCSEL portable 808nm diode laser hair removal machine

NEW TECH! Non-Channel 808nm alexandrite diode laser permanent hair removal beauty machine NT-N
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Tech-theory: Noble laser hair removal machine equipped lasted technology non channel chips handle. The water flow will not pass through the chip system, and the chip will never be burned due to the adhesion of impurities in the water. The water cycle only passes through the for semiconductor refrigeration system.  And provide heat dissipation for semiconductor refrigeration systems. Excellent cooling effect and advanced technology provide better service for the beauty industry.

diode laser hair removal machine

Treatment-theory:Noble Laser semiconductor laser hair removal machine is freezing through technological innovation.The treatment head temperature is below zero.Unlike other laser burns the skin, to better protect the skin, hair follicle melanin by specific wavelength of laser absorption, and the heat exchange to destroy hair follicle, the laser energy can be shot down into the hair follicles within the hair follicle is destroyed energy decomposition, so that the hair follicles to stop growing, because the laser energy about 15% of the skin can penetrate the dermis layer, the epidermis and more with melanoma of the hair follicle deep through the heat damage to hair follicle degeneration and atrophy; achieve permanent hair removal results. 

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